Nylon Plastic Injection Molding Uses

- Sep 25, 2019-

Properties of Nylon:

  • Tough, versatile, cost-effective engineering thermoplastic

  • Good balance of impact and tensile strengths

  • Good heat resistance

  • Excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbons

  • FDA and U.L. grades available

  • Rigidity and strength increased with glass reinforcement

  • Nylon is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from its surroundings)

Nylon is not biodegradable, but like most thermoplastics can be recycled and re-processed.

Nylon Plastic Injection Molding Uses:

Nylon is often used in clips, electrical connection bodies, gears, wheels, bushings, housings for power tools, firearms grips and stocks, automotive applications where hydrocarbons and higher temperatures are beneficial.  Nylon has been used in many applications to replace metal including:

  • Electrical and electronics

  • Hardware

  • Gears

    • Glass

    • Carbon-reinforced