Plastic Extrusion Processing Advantages

- Aug 23, 2018-

  Plastic, its main raw material is resin, most of which contain additives, which are materials that flow and form during processing. The plastic extrusion processing machine heats and melts the plastic, and then injection molding into the cavity of the molding die, cooling and cooling, and the melt is solidified and demolded, which is an injection molded product by an injection molding machine, usually Plastic products are injection molded products. Let's take a look at the advantages of plastic parts processing today:

  First, the cost advantage: the rotational molding process only requires the strength of the frame to support the weight of the material, the mold and the frame itself to prevent the material from leaking the mold closing force; and the material in the whole molding process, in addition to the effect of natural gravity In addition, it is almost free from any external force, so it has the advantages of convenient machine tool manufacturing, short cycle and low cost.

  Second, the quality advantage. The product of the rotomolding process is more stable during the entire production process due to the absence of internal stress.

  Third, flexible and variable advantages. The rotomolding process is easy to manufacture and low in price, so it is especially suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production in new product development.

  Fourth, the advantages of personalized design. The products in the rotomolding process are easy to change color, and can be hollow (seamless and non-weld). The surface treatment of the product can achieve the effect of pattern, wood, stone and metal to meet the needs of consumers in modern society. Personalized needs.