Plastic Extrusion Raw Materials And Their Treatment

- Aug 22, 2018-

  Raw materials for plastic extrusions include plastic raw materials, toners, masterbatches, and the like. Due to the different background colors of each raw material, the same color of the molded parts of the toner will be different. Sometimes the same supplier, the batch number is different, the background color will be somewhat biased, so the product with high color deviation requirements, even to control whether the background color of each batch is consistent. In addition to the batch of plastic raw materials, batch stability of raw materials such as toner pigments or masterbatches must also be concerned.

  The raw material of the plastic extrusion material will have a humidity effect, and the humidity will be too large, which will cause the toner to adhere and cannot spread. The temperature effect needs to be considered in the processing of the material. Each raw material and pigment of Dalian injection molded parts has its temperature and time range of the material, which is seriously beyond this range, and the color of the molded parts will change. If the feeding time is small, the color that is more affected by the temperature will be unstable, such as the color containing the fluorescent material or the light-colored injection molded part. Therefore, for temperature-sensitive plastics, the best one is not to dip or use the bottom temperature to dip the material. Another point is that in the hopper, due to the influence of the hot air, the toner is locally concentrated, resulting in a deeper and deeper color, and the injection molded parts with a hemp point are more likely to have excessive pitting. At this time, it is necessary to add some diffusion oil to make the toner firmly adhere to the raw material.

  The material used in the production will be recycled, and the change in the amount of water used in the nozzle will also affect the color of the molded parts, especially the light plastic extrusions. Plastic extrusions also need to be considered, the colorant will affect the crystallinity, which affects the performance, but also has an effect on the coloration stability.