Polyurethane(PU, PUR, TPU) Knowledge And Features

- Jul 31, 2019-

Polyurethane material (Abbreviation PU, PUR ,TPU), which has a wide range of usage, can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and so on. By changing the type and composition of raw materials, the shape and performance of products can be greatly changed to be the final product from soft to hard. PU material form has a soft, semi-hard and polyurethane rigid foam, elastomer main and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) and thermosetting - much to pouring process CPU), paint coating, adhesive, sealant, synthetic leather coating resin, elastic fiber, etc., which are widely used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator manufacturing, transportation, civil construction, shoe, synthetic leather, fabrics, electrical and mechanical, petroleum chemical industry, mining machinery, aerospace, medical, agriculture and many other fields. 

PU Product features (1) no scratches, no noise. Long service life, reduce cost.(2) temperature resistance in minus 20 degrees ~ high temperature 120 degrees (3) polyurethane products pollution-free, non-toxic and tasteless.