Process Of Silicone Rubber Products

- Aug 03, 2018-

  It has been applied to many fields, from military war materials to baby silicone pacifiers. They are all in the category of silicone rubber products, and the processing technology is similar. The silicone rubber products can be made from 0° to 90° in terms of hardness. They are all made of different machines and processes. For the product, the 0° product and 30° are not completed in one process. The former is a liquid process and is filled with a liquid hydraulic press. The latter is solid state processing.

  Silicone rubber products are different in terms of the use of the products. Most of the mother-to-child products are liquid-formed, such as silicone nipples. Although many manufacturers can produce such nipples in solid state, they come from texture and appearance. Look, there is a big difference, whether it is a silicone nipple or other silicone products industry, it is a difference in softness. The 90° silica gel is very different from 80°. The former needs special customization on the raw materials.

  However, many processes are encountered in the production of silicone rubber products because industrial technology is limited and not easy to operate. The raw materials of the product are too hard, and it is easy to break and break. If it is a product with a difficult production mechanism, it is not recommended, the production cost is too large, and the waste is excessive. Whether it is zero or the hardest 90 degrees, silica gel is a natural green raw material. My domestic silicone rubber raw materials are mainly concentrated in remote areas such as Yunnan. It is this plant that grows in a subtropical climate that is very popular in Europe and the United States, so the silicone products produced are also favored.