Reasons For Abnormalities In Plastic Extrusions

- Aug 21, 2018-

  With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the production of plastic extrusion parts is also very high. For its processing performance, Xiaobian now introduces relevant knowledge to you in detail, so that you can be more clear. The plastic extrusion is an amorphous polymer with no obvious melting point and is malleable when heated to 120-150 °C.

  Since the pvc plastic extrusion has poor thermal stability, a small amount of HCl is released at this temperature to promote further decomposition, so it is necessary to add an alkaline stabilizer and HCl to inhibit the catalytic cracking reaction. Pure PVC is a hard product. It needs to be added with a proper amount of plasticizer to make it soft. For different products, additives such as UV absorbers, fillers, lubricants, pigments, anti-fungal agents, etc. are needed to improve PVC products. Use performance. As with other plastics, the properties of the resin determine the quality and processing conditions of the product. For PVC, processing-related properties of the resin are: particle size, thermal stability, molecular weight, fisheye, bulk density, purity and foreign matter, porosity. For PVC enamel and the viscosity and gelling properties of the mash, it should be determined to facilitate the understanding of processing conditions and product quality.

1. Possible reasons:

  1) The raw material has poor fluidity;

  2) The raw material is easy to form a hollow wall suspension in the center of the hopper, and the bridge frame is stagnant;

  3) The feed temperature is too high;

  4) The humidity at the bottom of the hopper is too high.

2, the solution ideas:

  1) using PVC with dry powder of appropriate fluidity;

  2) Install the agitator feeder to prevent bridging, frequently check and timely treatment;

  3) The feed section is cooled by cooling water or the temperature of the feeding section is lowered;

  4) Remove the wet material from the hopper to keep the hopper dry.