Rubber Extrusion Tires Require Regular Maintenance

- Sep 03, 2018-

  There are many rubber extrusions made of rubber. For example, the daily use tools we use, the car bar, the tires of the car are made of rubber. The primary raw material of the tire is rubber, and the rubber products are certain. According to the tire manufacturer's official statement, the life of the tires under normal conditions should be in the range of two to six thousand or 80,000 kilometers. The daily maintenance of this type of rubber extrusion is sloppy! The tires should be inspected frequently, and the road conditions of the special car owners are very poor. This operation is very important and cannot be ignored. The poor road conditions have a severe impact on the life of the tires. In this exceptional situation, the owner needs to regularly check the tires. If the tires are found to be worn to the limit symbol or the bulge is found on the sidewall, it is advisable for the owner to replace the tires in time.

  In addition to the tire aging to form a puncture, the tire tire pressure is also an important cause of puncture. Therefore, the owner should also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure on his own. Others advocate that the owner should equip himself with a simple tire pressure gauge, and check the tire pressure of four tires every one month to ensure that the owner has his own heart. The bottom.

  The timing belt is made of rubber material, which will gradually age with the addition of engine operation time. The vehicle usually travels to 80,000 kilometers or 2~4 years (the detailed replacement cycle depends on the manufacturer's rules). suitable. If the timing belt is worn, cracked or deformed due to aging, and the owner does not replace it in time, the result may be life-threatening in addition to the cost of repairing the engine parts and consuming the owner's costly repair costs. Rubber-made tires are also regularly inspected to avoid accidents during driving. The company always regards product quality as the first pursuit goal, adheres to the tenet of "people-oriented, technological innovation, excellence, high efficiency, pursuit of excellent quality and dedication", through sound system, perfect management, advanced production technology, excellent The production testing equipment, scientific testing methods, reasonable testing specifications, and complete physical and chemical testing equipment ensure the product quality is guaranteed.