Silicone Rubber Products Raw Material Selection Considerations

- Aug 06, 2018-

  As we all know, silicone rubber products are used in different industries, so many consumers' understanding of the performance of silicone materials is based on similarity. They are all soft rubber and do not know their detailed performance data. Some silicone products do not require detailed requirements, so choose rubber without performance requirements. Some things just need performance data to confirm the quality of silicone products, so the performance of raw materials is of course more important.

  First, the first stretch rebound of silicone rubber products is the core property of silica gel raw materials. The nature of silicone materials is soft and flexible. Therefore, the primary confirmation of many silicone rubber product manufacturers is the tensile strength of their products. For example, silicone rubber products do not rebound during the stretching process, have deformability and non-recoverability, and there are factors such as rebound without tensile strength, and the properties of different products are also different. For example, the seal requires a strong rebound to keep the seal. Silicone rubber gaskets require good rebound to obtain cushioning and other factors.

  Environmental and anti-aging properties are also relatively important. Environmental performance is mainly for high temperature, low temperature, high heat, electric resistance, oil resistance and other fields. Different rubber materials can be used in different environments, such as antistatic, conductive silicone materials. High temperature resistant gaseous rubber can be used for high temperature concerns. Ozone can be used for specially adjusted UV resistant silicone rubber.

  In fact, manufacturers of different raw materials have their own set of raw materials and different materials, including adding different mixtures and different proportions of additives. Each raw material manufacturer has different ways of blending, so remind everyone to confirm which kind of effect the silicone rubber product needs after the silicone rubber product customization, and then confirm the proof, and then do not need to change the rubber compound and formula, otherwise It will cause unnecessary troubles!