Superstar Technology Plans To Invest 1.1 Billion Yuan To Acquire The Tire Giant Zhongce Rubber

- Aug 06, 2019-


Superstar Technology plans to invest 1.1 billion yuan to acquire the tire giant Zhongce Rubber


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Domestic hardware giant superstar technology (002444, SZ) mergers and acquisitions continue to increase.


巨星科技拟出资11亿元 参与收购国内轮胎巨头中策橡胶

Superstar Technology plans to invest 1.1 billion yuan to acquire the tire giant Zhongce Rubber



On the evening of May 28, Superstar Technology announced that the company plans to invest about 1.1 billion yuan to jointly establish Hangzhou Zhongce Haichao Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongce Haichao) with the three companies, specifically for the acquisition of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. The company (hereinafter referred to as Zhongce Rubber) has a 46.9489% equity.


"Daily Economic News" reporter noted that Zhongce Rubber was established in 1992, is China's number one, the world's tenth tire company, with Chaoyang tires, good luck tires, Weishi tires and other brands.



In recent years, the superstar M&A M&A has been frequently launched, and it has successively invested heavily in the acquisition of American nail gun giant Arrow, Swiss professional storage device Lista, and North America's largest door and window replaceable hardware supplier Prime-Line.



Plans to acquire domestic tire giants



According to the announcement, the company has established a special strategy for the acquisition of Zhongce Rubber. In addition to Superstar Technology, the investors also include Hangchao Group Co., Ltd., Superstar Holdings Group Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Haichao Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership). , are the enterprises controlled by the actual controller of Superstar Technology, so this transaction constitutes a connected transaction.



Superstar Technology intends to invest about 1.1 billion yuan in Zhongce Haichao. After the completion of the capital contribution, it will account for 27.50% of the registered capital of Zhongce Haichao. After the transaction is completed, Superstar Technology will indirectly hold 12.91110% interest in Zhongce Rubber.



The overall estimated value of Zhongce Rubber is 12.35 billion yuan. The final price is determined by the two parties on the basis of the final evaluation value. At present, the transaction price of Zhongce Haichao is tentatively set at 5.798 billion yuan.



The official website shows that the history of Zhongce Rubber can be traced back to Hangzhou Haichao Rubber Factory, which was established in 1958. In 1992, Zhongce Rubber officially changed its name. It is currently a national high-tech enterprise and a two-integration pilot enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It ranks first in China's tire enterprises and ranks among the top ten in the world.



Zhongce Rubber owns well-known tire brands such as Chaoyang, Weishi, Good Luck, Quannuo and Yadu. The products have already covered passenger car tires and commercial car tires.



In January 2019, Zhongce Rubber announced the 2018 transcript: the annual sales revenue of 26.7 billion, an increase of 5.31% over the previous year; the total number of all-steel tires exceeded 19 million, surpassing other established tire companies; The number of tires reached 36.57 million sets, an increase of over 12%; the number of bias tires was 3.33 million, an increase of nearly 5%.



If the listed company finally decides to participate in the transaction, the transaction constitutes a major asset restructuring.



Daily economic news


Tong Cheng new material plans to acquire 8.92% equity of Zhongce Rubber in cash

上证报中国证券网讯(记者 孔子元)彤程新材公告,公司拟与公司实际控制人控制的杭州宁策企业管理合伙企业(有限合伙)共同对公司全资子公司上海彤中企业管理有限公司进行增资,其中,公司拟持有上海彤中87.75%股权,杭州宁策拟持有上海彤中12.25%股权。增资完成后,上海彤中将以支付现金方式收购中策橡胶集团有限公司10.1647%股权,对应标的公司注册资本人民币80,000,000元,本次交易完成后,彤程新材将间接持有中策橡胶8.9195%权益。本次交易构成关联交易,并构成重大资产重组。

SSE China Securities Network (Reporter Kong Ziyuan) announced that Chengxin New Materials announced that the company intends to cooperate with the company's actual controller-controlled Hangzhou Ningce Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) on the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Yuzhong Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Capital increase, in which the company intends to hold 87.75% equity of Shanghai Yuzhong, Hangzhou Ningce intends to hold 12.25% equity of Shanghai Minzhong. Upon completion of the capital increase, Shanghai Yuzhong will acquire 10.1647% equity of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. in cash, corresponding to the registered capital of the company of RMB 80,000,000. After the completion of the transaction, Chengxin New Materials will indirectly hold 8.9195% equity of Zhongce Rubber. . The transaction constitutes a connected transaction and constitutes a major asset restructuring.