Well-welcomed All Interested Customers Come To Visit Our Factory

- Jul 31, 2019-

In view of our publicity on the network platform and increasingly rich experience in producing rubber parts, more and more customers from different areas give us their inquiries, we reply in time, and sometimes our quotation is within their budget price range, so a lot of customers are interested to visit our company and factory to see our production scale and production process.For example, a France customer, who has been engaged in purchasing for a long time, contacts us immediately through his colleagues' feedback of our company, and have an intention to visit our factory. The time was scheduled to be in the morning of early September, he will take the high-speed railway from Shanghai to Hangzhou East station, we will pick him or them up in station, our company first, and then we will drive the customers to visit our factory later.We will provide good service in all aspects and hope it will be a wonderful journey for our customers.

Looking forward to that coming day!!!

Well-welcomed all interested customers come to visit our factory!