What Is The Significance Of Post Cured, Why Do Silicone Manufacturers Need To Bake Products?

- Sep 29, 2019-

In addition to normal production, many silicone products manufacturers cannot forget a very important process, that is, baking of products, and baking is only for some individual products, such as daily necessities, daily necessities, and long-term contact with human skin. One type of products, especially some infant and young children's products, have brought great use to children and children in life. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the environmental protection and safety. What role can the baking process take?

Once the export products have problems in foreign countries, all the scrapped products and losses must be borne by the suppliers. Therefore, the testing and certification of the countries that have been customized before the export of silicone rubber products have obtained a good control effect, with the environmental safety of countries. Pay attention to the first-class silicone products that have long-term contact with the skin, first of all, to ensure that there is no harm to people, and secondly, the control of odor is very important, so the baking process is to solve these problems for customers.

The news that many rubber products have caused harm to people many years ago has gradually been brought under control in recent years. Some silicone products used in the kitchen, some daily necessities, and silicone products have all been improved.

However, the primary control is naturally to use high-quality qualified materials on the raw materials, followed by the transition process of the baking process, the odor, and the odor of the compound additive in the vulcanization process of the rubber volatilization, at a high temperature of about 200 degrees. In the case of baking for two to four hours or so, the product processing is more perfect!

Therefore, product baking is one of the necessary processes in the silicone industry. The same product is expected to be exported. The baking process is indispensable. For consumers or buyers, if you find the product smells or is allergic to the skin. , then the product may be caused by not baking!