Why Do The Silicone Buttons Of The Controller Do The Surface Process?

- Sep 25, 2019-

Most controller silicone buttons have characters on the surface. The common surface characters are silkscreen, pad printing, and laser engraving. No matter which way, the characters on the surface are used for a long time and the frequency is high. After the year, the characters will still fall off. The reason for the loss is that the sweat of the human hand is highly corrosive. For this situation, we recommend that the customer do a surface treatment on the silicone button of the controller.


In order to better protect the characters on the surface of the button, add a layer of protective oil on the surface of the button. After the button is finished, the surface is sprayed with a layer of transparent ink to protect the characters. There are two kinds of transparent inks. 1: Handle oil After the oil spray is applied, the surface of the button is very smooth, which can protect the characters, and it is not easy to stick the ash layer. The wear life is tested with a special instrument of about 1000 circles. 2: PU oil, PU oil is also transparent liquid, this ink material is slightly Hard, wear resistance is better, the feel is not as smooth as the oil, but the cost is slightly higher, the advantage is better to wear resistance, generally used on products with higher requirements, such as military silicone keyboard, mechanical buttons, etc. The test is more than 3000 laps, and customers can choose different production processes according to a different frequency of use.