Will Silicone Rubber Products Replace Plastic Products?

- Aug 07, 2018-

  Silicone rubber products may be just a name for the industry. Many consumers or ordinary people only know that there is such a "silicone" substance, because perhaps the most famous and most eye-catching in this field is the silicone doll, which is also one of the silicone products, but in most people's impression, the silicone doll is more Attractive. Whether it is after dinner or innocent time, this is a more interesting topic. However, for silicone rubber products, I believe that people are not very familiar, because the development time of Chinese silicone rubber products is not very long, but for plastic products, almost everyone knows that because plastic products are deeply integrated into people's lives, Accompanied by people's daily life; but for silicone rubber products, in fact, silicone products and plastic products are widely used.

  In people's lives; in production; in industrial use, due to the late start of the silicone industry, the popularity is relatively late. In the past, silicone products were very expensive compared to plastic products. With the development of technology, the research of silica gel has made silicone products popular, and we will deal with those silicone rubber products in our lives. Silica gel is usually made of various industrial protection products independently or together with other insulating materials, such as silicone thermosetting sleeve, high temperature anti-corrosion self-adhesive tape, high temperature casing made of silica gel and glass fiber, special high temperature casing, high temperature resistance. Casing, split high temperature casing, high temperature heat resistant belt, double layer high temperature heat resistant blanket, three layer high temperature heat resistant blanket. Layered high temperature heat resistant blanket, double layer glass fiber heat resistant protective layer, high temperature gasket and other industrial protection products.

  The strong adsorption of silicone rubber products can quickly and effectively absorb the moisture in the sealed package, chemical stability, non-toxic and harmless characteristics; coupled with the continuous innovation and development in recent years, various silica gels have been widely used for drug purification, DNA separation, food drying. High-precision electronics, advanced cosmetics, sewage purification, beer purification, advanced coatings, and resin production or preservation. With the development of industry, silica gel has also been made into various industrial protective products. Rubber products are widely used in various fields.