Compression Molding Polyurethane Parts

Stamping is an efficient production method. It adopts composite molds, especially multi-station progressive molds.
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Polyurethane Superior To Plastic, Metal and Rubber

Polyurethane component parts are used because polyurethane is superior to other materials such as plastic, rubber and steel. Molded polyurethane parts offer high load and high compression abilities that function long after rubber and plastic parts have failed. With cast polyurethane parts can be made iron-strong or sponge-soft, in any color or shape. In addition polyurethane components offer long run durability and extreme resistance to harsh environments of heat, solvents, chemicals and abrasion.

Outstanding Physical Properties

· Wide range of hardnesses

· High load-bearing capabilities

· High abrasion resistance

· Low coefficients of friction

· Good resistance to gas, oil, alkali and acid

· Tear resistance and toughness



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