TPU Injection Molding Part

BRP manufactures our bellows using a using a variety of methods to produce long lasting, high quality products in a range of sizes, shapes and configurations. Injection, transfer, and compression molding – Parts can be manufactured with varying wall thicknesses, shapes, sizes, and using a wide...
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Product Details

Product Description            
The suitable materials for manufacturing TPU injection molding are steel or steel alloys, for processing wanthane TPUS, it needs a lower molding temperature, so the mold should be designed cores to have cool water through the mold. 
Any type of mold that incorporates good thermoplastic design principles is satisfactory for TPU compounds. Two-plate three-plate and hot-runner molds have all been successfully used for a variety of large and small parts.
The mold should be adequately cored for cooling because TPU compounds normally require a relatively cool mold (10°C to 44°C) to produce optimum cycle. The nozzle tips within the hot runner mold must be well insulated from the cold side of the mold. Poor insulation and the quick set-up characteristics of TPU compounds can lead to plugged nozzles. A sheet of transit separating the hot and cold sections of the mold is recommended.
Product Application

A large diameter is preferred. This avoids localized shearing and ensures maximum pressure transfer. It is advisable to avoid sharp edges at points where the material changes flow direction, this prevents excess material sheer. Care should be taken to ensure runners are capable of cooling at least as fast as the components, keeping cycle times to a minimum. The best flow characteristics are achieved by using a full round runner, although other configurations have been used with success. Balanced flow length in the runner system will guarantee even filling of each mold cavity.

Our Sevice            

1、OEM size to suit for customers' requirment

2、Various hardness for your choice

3、Multiple color available

4、Custom logo accepted ( engraved & embossed)

5、Large quantity order are able to be fulfilled

6、Strict quality control system




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