PVC Dip Moulding Cones

PVC Dip Coating Hand Tools,Toys,Medical Instruments,Electrical Equipment,Plumbing Fittings,Gloves, Balloons , Bellows etc.
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Style:custom according to drawing or sample


Packing list:Carton box,Wooden case,Wood pallet

Scope of application:PVC Dip Coating Hand Tools,Toys,Medical Instruments,Electrical Equipment,Plumbing Fittings,Gloves, Balloons , Bellows etc.Such as cocked terminal insulation sleeve, electrical equipment insulation cover, valve handle cover, household hardware, baby rider cover, play equipment (quadruple platform, triangular platform, wide chair, ladder), fitness equipment handle rubber And rubber sleeves, insulating beans, hoses, Ф1.2m/m-90m/m, various difficult and special rubber materials, etc.


Plastisol inks are not water-soluble. Because the ink is made up of PVC particles suspended in a plasticizing emulsion, the ink will not dry if left in the screen for extended periods of time. Because of the convenience of not needing to wash a screen after printing is done, printers using plastisol inks can do so without a nearby source of running water.

Plastisol inks are recommended for printing on colored fabric. On lighter fabric, plastisol is extremely opaque and can retain a bright image for many years, if cared for.




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