PVC Dip Moulding Plugs

The electrical insulation performance of the coating is excellent, and its properties can be maintained even if it is immersed in brine solution.
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Product Details

Products description

Style:custom according to drawing or sample


Packing list:Carton box,Wooden case,Wood pallet

Scope of application:PVC Dip Coating Hand Tools,Toys,Medical Instruments,Electrical Equipment,Plumbing Fittings,Gloves, Balloons , Bellows etc.


Processing technology:

Pretreatment upper workpiece pre-baking PVC impregnation (vibration, powder removal) curing lower workpiece 180 200 10 minutes. PVC impregnation is a heating process, metal preheating, impregnation, curing. When impregnating, the heated metal sticks to the surrounding material. The hotter the metal is, the longer the impregnating time is, and the thicker the material is. Naturally, temperature and the shape of the impregnated material are key factors in determining the amount of adhering plasticized sol. The amazing shape can be made by impregnating with PVC. PVC impregnated materials are all kinds of plastic powder.




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