Silicone Rubber Extrusion Tube

Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Products Co.,Ltd manufactures Silicone Rubber Cord, offering a wide range and great quality with precise tolerance.
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Our company has more than 20 years of rubber experience, the technology of silicone extrusion tube is very mature, as long as you provide the inner and outer diameter of the silicone tube and the color requirements, we can open the mold to arrange production, if you need the size we just have the mold , you can directly arrange the production of large goods, no need to open the mold.


We offers silicone rubber tube for more aspect than you could ever imagine:

·Water heater

·Medical instruments

·Drinking fountain

·Medical catheter

·Home appliance




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We are one of the best quality manufacturer of rubber and plastic parts in Hangzhou China.Our advantage parts is custom rubber molded parts and Injection plastic parts.We make these products as per drawings or samples from our customers.


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