EPDM Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip Products

Hangzhou Bright Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of rubber strip products. Using high-quality raw materials, the product has the characteristics of good elasticity, aging, deformation, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and ozone resistance. It is the first choice for seals in electronics, doors and windows and machinery industry, and is the service life of ordinary rubber strips. More than double.
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Style:custom according to drawing or sample


EPDM Extrusion Sealing Strip Characteristics:

The main characteristic of EPDM is its superior resistance to oxidation, ozone and erosion. Since EPDM is a polyolefin family, it has excellent vulcanization characteristics. Among all rubbers, EPDM has the lowest specific gravity. It absorbs a large amount of fillers and oils and has little effect on properties. Therefore, it is possible to produce a rubber compound which is inexpensive.

Packing list:Carton box,Wooden case,Wood pallet

Scope of application:Sealing strips play a key role in wooden doors, security doors, sliding doors, and other aluminum-plastic doors and windows. The most obvious is shockproof. After installing it on the door stop line, it will lighten (or even disappear) the collision sound when closing the door (window), which will protect the edge of the door leaf and prolong the life of the door and reduce the noise. The second is to seal, shock absorption, and isolate indoor and outdoor air, which effectively plays a role of heat preservation and energy saving, and prevents mosquitoes and other small insects from getting indoors.




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