EPDM Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd has the ability to convert our range of EPDM Sponge Strip direct from block which allows us to fully control all aspects of production.
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Product Description 


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) closed cell sponge rubber material exhibits very good aging properties, compressibility, and shows an excellent resistance to ozone and oxidation, which explains its use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. BRP Philadelphia-based gasket manufacturer, produces gaskets, seals, and other custom die-cut parts in EPDM elastomers for customers that span across industry groups and international locations. Our closed cell EPDM sponge is available in soft and medium densities, and each offers a unique set of physical properties. Each grade is available as thin as 1/16" thick up to 2" thick. See if EPDM is the right gasket or seal material for your product by reading the example applications listed below


Product Application 

  • Does your end application involve exposure to moisture or temperatures as low as –70° F or as high as 220° F? If so, EPDM may be considered a low-cost alternative to silicone for long-term sealing as its closed cell structure minimizes water absorption.

  • Does your end application require a low compression set? If so, BRP’s high grade EPDM is comprised of 100% EPDM rubber, which means that its fluid characteristics and physical properties work to prevent material deformation while under constant stress or pressure.

Our Sevice 


BRP offers EPDM grades in sheets 48" wide x 80" long, in rolls 48" wide x 50" long or we can custom die-cut or each grade to your exact requirements. Our EPDM gasket and sealing material meets the following specifications:

  • ASTM D 1056-68 RE41

  • ASTM D 1056-68, RE41, ASTM-D-1056-07 2A1 and 1A2

  • ASTM-D 6576-07 Type II, B, C soft and medium

  • MIL-R-6130C Type II Grade B/C condition soft and medium

  • MIL-C-3133C MIL STD 670B RE3






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