EPDM Closed Cell Sponge

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd has the ability to convert our range of EPDM Sponge Strip direct from block which allows us to fully control all aspects of production.
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Product Details


Product Description 

EPDM is a flexible  closed cell Sponge Rubber material designed to suit applications where resistance is required against UV light, Ozone and external weathering.EPDM closed cell Sponge also has good temperature resistance in hot or cold environments. It also displays good thermal properties in both extremes of temperature.There is a range of densities available in EPDM closed cell Sponge and a limited range of colours.

Densities available are;

  • Ref DK1070 Density 70-100 kg/m3

  • Ref DK1075 Density 75-105 kg/m3

  • Ref DK2010 Density 100-140 kg/m3

  • Ref DK2015 Density 125-165 kg/m3

  • Ref AL43 Density 270-330 kg/m3


Product Application 

Different densities assist in applications to provide sealing properties to prevent ingress of Air, Dust, Moisture and Water.As EPDM closed cell Sponge material is of a closed cell construction, it requires minimal compression to provide a seal.The material is flexible and durable and has good recovery characteristics when released after compression.EPDM closed cell Sponge has Flame Retardant qualities, specifications conform with and include FMVSS302 and UL94 HF1.The material is Dust and Fibre free and can be used in any kind of public, commercial or industrial application without impacting on health or air quality.


EPDM closed cell Sponge is suitable for use in a wide range applications for a variety of industries including Construction, Glass and Glazing, Shipbuilding, Railways, Aircraft and Aerospace, Electrical, Engineering and Automotive.It is extensively used in Transport and Logistics applications for packaging and dedicated stillaging for product protection.EPDM closed cell Sponge can be split to your required thickness and can be supplied as Foam Tapes, Foam Coils, Foam Seals, Foam Gaskets, Foam Sheets or Continuous Rolls.







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