Foam Rubber And Sponge Rubber (EPDM)

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd has the ability to convert our range of EPDM Sponge Strip direct from block which allows us to fully control all aspects of production.
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Product Description 


What is the difference between foam rubber and sponge rubber?
Cellular rubber (foam rubber) is a porous rubber manufactured in accordance with the expansion process using gas-developing agents. The cellular structure distinguishes cellular rubber from sponge rubber. Cellular rubber contains partly opened cells, and sponge rubber, consists of completely opened cells. Thus cellular rubber in contrast to sponge rubber does not require an outer skin in order to use it as a gasket.

What is EPDM?
EPDM is a synthetic rubber derived from crude oil. The abbreviation EPDM stand for Ethylene – Propylene – Diene – Monomer. EPDM is formed by polymerization of three monomers.


Product Application 

Properties of EPDM
-       Temperature range from -35°C tot +120°C
-       Resistant to light oil contact, and acids & alkalis
-       Resists degradation and aging due to sunlight and ozone exposure
-       Long lifespan
-       High elasticity (up to 400%)

Field of use
Foam rubber and sponge rubber are used in the cooling industry for sealing coldroom doors, sliding doors and proofing cabinets for the bakery sector.

Our Sevice 

1、OEM size to suit for customers' requirment

2、Various hardness for your choice

3、Multiple color available

4、Custom logo accepted ( engraved & embossed)

5、Large quantity order are able to be fulfilled

6、Strict quality control system







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