Extrusion EPDM Foam Rubber Sponge Tubes

EPDM sponge rubber foams make up one of the polymeric categories of engineered foams that Fostek develops,EPDM is the acronym for ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber.
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Product Details

Customized high quality silicone rubber tube foam sponge tube


The silicone sponge tube produced has a variety of high quality standards for extrusion and all custom-sized silicone sponge tubes. We can manufacture specific size silicone sponge tubes according to customer needs. Our products are manufactured under the strict supervision of our high-quality production team to ensure that the extruded products meet customer specific requirements.

Silicone sponge tube/cord has been widely used in a wide range of industries and markets. The sponge tube/cord has an excellent compression set value. They are particularly suitable for high temperature seals and gaskets that require soft, deformable rubber.




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