Gray Silicone Sponge Tube

Gray Silicone Sponge Tube

EPDM sponge rubber foams make up one of the polymeric categories of engineered foams that Fostek develops,EPDM is the acronym for ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber.
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BRP silicone rubber has a predominantly closed cell structure with an integral smooth surface skin, leading to very low water absorption. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is also a good acoustic insulation material at the temperature extremes where thermoplastic foams cannot be used. It is an ideal insulation material for high temperature tubes, pipes and hoses. BRP grades are suitable for long term continuous use from -60F (-50C) to 400F (204C) and for intermittent use from -80F (-62C) to 450F (232C).


  • Standard firmness grades: soft (BRP10), medium-soft (BRP20), medium-firm (BRP30) and firm (BRP40)

  • Standard size range from 0.250in (6.4mm) up to 1.5in (38.1mm) inside diameter with 0.375in (9.5mm) wall

  • Custom sizes are possible from 0.080in (2mm) to 2.25in (57mm) inside diameter and 0.080in (2mm) to 0.750in (19.1mm) wall, but range may be limited for some grades

  • Extra firm materials with density up to 56lbs/cu.ft. (0.9g/cc)

  • Extrusions are fully postcured and can be certified to selected ASTM D1056 and ASTM D6576 specifications and AMS 3195 / 3196

  • Standard color is red. Grey, black, white and special color matches are also available

  • Grey flame retardant grades, BRP10 – BRP40FR, which are UL94V-0 recognized at certain specified density and thickness ranges

  • Extreme high temperature grades BRP10 – BRP40HT suitable for continuous use at 500F (260C) and intermittent use up to 570F (300C) available in dark grey or natural opaque colors

  • White FDA 21 CFR 177-2600 grade, BRP30FDA, for food contact applications

  • Electrically conductive grade BRP-EL080




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