Shaped Rubber Extrusion Strip

BRP manufactures our bellows using a using a variety of methods to produce long lasting, high quality products in a range of sizes, shapes and configurations. Injection, transfer, and compression molding – Parts can be manufactured with varying wall thicknesses, shapes, sizes, and using a wide...
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Rubber extrusion don’t differs so much of plastic extrusion. Basically, the main difference is the curing process or vulcanization of the rubber during the extrusion process.

As plastic extrusion, in rubber extrusion process the rubber is forced through a die of the desired cross-section under pressure from an extruder. Then, the rubber part normally must be vulcanized before it is usable.

The processes of vulcanization or curing takes place at the last step of the extrusion process. This aids the rubber extruded profiles to maintain its shape and acquire necessary physical properties.

Exist different types of rubber extrusion processes:

  • Continuous in-line cure extrusion: The rubber material travels through a curing tunnel that raises the product to the appropriate vulcanizing temperature.

  • Off-line cure extrusion: The warm rubber is driven through the die and then exposed to high-pressure steam in order to achieve the appropriate vulcanizing temperature.

Rubber extrusion advantages

  • Huge variety of shapes.

  • Economical process.

  • Flexible and lightweight products.

  • Minimal wasted material.

  • Highly efficient process.

Product Application

Large quantity of rubber parts can be manufactured by this process such as profiles, cords, strips, hoses, cable jacketing, tubing, windshield seals, channels and fenders, profile for sealing doors, window glazing channels, clamp cushions, hatch cover gaskets, silo hatch seals and watertight seals. These rubber parts are widely used in aerospace, architectural, automotive, material handling, ...

Our Sevice

1、OEM size to suit for customers' requirment

2、Various hardness for your choice

3、Multiple color available

4、Custom logo accepted ( engraved & embossed)

5、Large quantity order are able to be fulfilled

6、Strict quality control system




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