White Silicone Rubber Sponge Strip

White Silicone Rubber Sponge Strip

​Silicone sponge cord is manufactured from a high quality, closed cell sponge that operates at a broad temperature range of -50°C up to +200°C.
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At BRP, we cut all general purpose Silicone sponge strip from roll stock material to ensure a fast turnaround.

General purpose Silicone sponge has a closed cell structure and is off white in colour, with a soft and smooth outer skin which adds some resilience to the material. Silicone sponge has a low degree of moisture absorption, good resistance to ozone, UV and general weathering, combined with a better temperature range than the majority of closed cell materials (-60 ˚C to +200˚C). These properties make general purpose Silicone sponge strip a suitable material for a vast range of industries and purposes. As some grades of Silicone sponge are FDA approved, Silicone sponge strip that is cut from these grades is suitable for medical applications.

  • We can strip general purpose Silicone sponge in house from roll stock material

  • Providing you require a minimum width of 4mm, we can cut Silicone sponge strips in house to your specific width requirements

  • We can also supply strips in short or long lengths to suit your requirements

  • General purpose Silicone sponge strips can be supplied as plain or adhesive backed – CB frost stock a range of adhesive tapes that are suitable for application to Silicone sponge




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