Quality Compression Molding Silicone Part

Quality Compression Molding Silicone Part

The silicone keypad is the central component of many keyboards. It determines the haptics, the overall optic impression and the tactile feeling.
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Quality Compression Molding Silicone Part

Quality Compression Molding Silicone

We are a contract manufacturer specializing in the molding of high quality silicone parts. We are capable of producing rapid silicone prototypes and short run silicone molding. We are also capable of high volume production through our liquid injection molding process and compression molded silicone. Our focus is on medical, aerospace and industrial applications.

All of our manufacturing is done in China. We work with several different silicone rubber materials such as medical grade silicone rubber, Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and High consistency rubber (HCR). Our expertise in compression molding silicone and liquid silicone injection molding (LIM) comes with years of dedication to the silicone molding industry.

We also work with state of the art materials which cure at very low temperatures. This gives us the ability to do silicone overmolding or silicone encapsulation of heat sensitive materials. Silicone rubber is a great material for wearable devices due to its bio-compatibility.

We only use high quality medical grade silicones from the United States and Europe. We maintain an inventory of LSR and HCR silicone materials with a range of 5A to 85A durometer.




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