Spray Wear Resistant Silicone Rubber Keypads

The silicone keypad is the central component of many keyboards. It determines the haptics, the overall optic impression and the tactile feeling.
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Product Details

Spray Wear Resistant Silicone Rubber Keypads:




A rubber keypad uses compression-molded silicone rubber with conductive carbon pills or with non-conductive rubber actuators. Custom keypads can combine colors, light pipes and epoxy coatings. A rubber keypad assembly offers the ability to design three dimensional keytops, oversized key surfaces, and improved tactile response. Graphics can be silk screened or painted for additional colors and laser etched for texts and icons.


Finishing Options:


After printing it is important to add a protective finish to ensure any print or coloured spray does not wear after use. Spraying protective coating will be our client’s priority due to less cost and simple working process.



● Kinds of moulding items can custom.

● Widely applicable ,used as parts of various kinds of remote controls,computer keyboard,mobile phone buttons, air-condition ,etc.

● Ductile ,extreme chemical resistance.

● Waterproof, good heat resistance.

● Soft, smooth, flexible, stain-free and water-resistant in one whole piece block



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